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Located in Davie serving Fort Lauderdale, Weston and Southwest Ranches and surrounding areas

in Fort Lauderdale, Weston and Southwest Ranches

If you have or are thinking about buying a vacation property for the purposes of placing it on the short term rental market and using it yourself on occasion, if desired, Weiss Design Group, Inc. can easily assist you. We understand the specific market you are appealing to, the desired aesthetic for the specific location and can design your vacation rental home to maximize your rental income.

Serving Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Southwest Ranches, Boca Raton, Hilton Head Island, SC and surrounding areas.

Specifically, WDG will, as needed:

  1. Create an attractive and cohesive color scheme for all areas and items, including paint colors, furniture, area rugs, accessories, bedding, and other items.

  2. Create an impressive design intention, such as Coastal Chic, Modern Rustic, Industrial, Traditional Coastal, Transitional Chic, or Modern, as well as many others.

  3. Make any and all renovations such as new flooring, new kitchen cabinetry and counter tops, and new bathrooms and make any spatial modifications which will improve the function of the house for renters. If needed, partial rehab may be the answer, as opposed to full renovation. You may, for instance, wish to keep existing tubs, but make changes to the tile with accent tiles for great appeal.

    We will provide all drawings necessary for these improvements to be made by a contractor.

  4. Select all lighting fixtures for inside and outside to increase appeal.

  5. Layout all furniture to make your renters’ stay comfortable and relaxing.

  6. Select all furniture for inside and the exterior, with aesthetic and durability requirements specific to the rental community. We will arrange deliveries and ensure furniture is placed properly.

  7. Select and install all artwork, accessories, area rugs, and other decorative items to further define the quality of your rental home and attract clients.

  8. Select all decorative bedding to enhance the appeal of the relaxing bedrooms in your home.

  9. Purchase and set up all supplies, such as kitchen equipment, bathroom accessory items, laundry room items, and outdoor items such as grills.

  10. Arrange to have photographs taken to showcase our home in its best light and attract renters who will love vacationing in your home.

  11. Arrange to have a virtual tour of your home from the outside to the inside, so that prospective rentals can walk through your home and experience the feeling of vacationing in your beautifully designed vacation homeProvide paint colors for the entire house or for accent walls to further enhance the attraction of your vacation rental home.

Before And After Photos

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